SIETAR Deutschlands 
virtual BarCamp 2022

Our organisation: SIETAR Deutschland e.V.

SIETAR Germany is the largest national organisation for people working in the field of intercultural cooperation and cultural diversity. Its core concern is to improve the cooperation and coexistence of people from different cultures. The association offers its members a platform for interdisciplinary and professional exchange on intercultural issues in science, business and society and deals, among other things, with concepts and guidelines for intercultural communication, cooperation and conflict resolution.

The organisation wants to address people interested in intercultural topics and challenges and who live, research, train, advise or mediate in a corresponding field. SIETAR Deutschland e.V. lives through the commitment and diversity of its members. In doing so, SIETAR Deutschland e.V. provides impulses for living and working together in a culturally heterogeneous society.

The work of SIETAR Germany is integrated into the European and international network of SIETAR organisations. SIETAR was founded in the USA in 1968 and is today the world's largest network in the field of intercultural cooperation and internationalisation with around 3000 members. The German section also thrives on the commitment and diversity of its currently almost 600 members.